Proper bike fit - The Key to Comfort and Efficiency

People invests a lot of money to new bicycles, but many of them forget to invest into  a bike fitting. And that is one of the biggest mistake, made after buying a new bike.

Let the shoulder, back, lower back and knee pain become history.

Ciklofit offers optimal adjustment and positioning of your bicycle as well as measuring your body’s flexibility. With 20 years of experience, continuing support and more than fifty satisfied customers, we are a name you can trust.


  • Body Measurement – assessment of your height, symmetry of your arms and legs; shoulder width
  • Taking measurements and monitoring flexibility of torso and legs
  • Noting measurements of your pelvis and making recommendations with regard to the right choice of your seat
  • Taking the natural position and posture as a platform for fine-tuning and positioning of your shoes (an important stage)
  • Taking an angle of your legs and arms into account, the correct height of the seat will be determined (while seated on a Trainer)
  • Consulting and establishing the need for replacement of any components (seat, handlebars, handlebar stem, etc.)
  • Test drive

Duration: between 2 to 3 hours

We guarantee 6 months warranty on all of our bike fitting services.

Bike fitting is secured by prior appointment, either by phone or by e-mail. Required equipment: bike, cycling shorts and cycling shoes. An optional cycling jersey will be appreciated. 🙂

Allow Ciklofit to introduce you to a whole new world of cycling, one that is pleasant, efficient and safer for all!