Training & Performance testing

Our services include Preparing for competition, recreation, training systems and plans to increase performance, loss of weight based on moderate and long term.

Ciklofit approach based on systematic way to exercise in small groups or with individuals. After initial counseling and performance test is determine initial status of performance, which shows your strengths and weaknesses.

Trainig plan includes exercises to increase performance off all muscle groups needed on the bike. It is important to improve fat, aerobic, anaerobic capacity and efficiency. We try to solve any potential inconveniences during the practice or after analyses have been made.

There is almost no excuses, with propriate approach and perseverance can manage everyone, just realistic targets are needed. Each target achieved, no matter how small, brings you to the next level, all the way to the finish. Together, we can overcome all obstacles.

Our services


Consulting is made before starting any exercise program. It is about you goals, quantity of your previous exercises, potential health problems and methods of work.

Performance testing:

Performance testing is important to determine the initial standby. Test is carried out before the beginning of the systematic training approach. Test is made with your bike (road or mountain or trekking) on turbo trainer and lasts about two hours. It consists of a ramp test, followed by continuous test. Based on the tests are determinated power and heart rate zones, needed to prepare optimal training program just for you. To monitor the progress, performance test should be repeated every 8 to 10 weeks.


• Individual or one-on-one workout

Training with coach, exclusively made you. Brings the fastest progress.

 • Training in small groups

Training in winter on turbo trainer with your own bycicle, in summer in nature.

• Winter training (group 2 to 5 riders)

• Duration: 60 to 90min or negotiated

• personalized training mode and intensity for each individual

• Required equipment: own bike, heart rate monitor (I recommend Garmin or any ant+ device) cycling shoes, cycling shorts and jersey, bottle of liquid, towel

• Training in nature (group 2 to 6 riders)

• Is located in the vicinity of Ljubljana or by arrangement

• Duration: from 120 to 180 minutes or by arrangement

• Group consist  of similar strong riders, intensity of certain exercises are tailored to the individual

• Required equipment: own bike, heart rate monitor (I recommend the Garmin or any ant+ device) cycling shoes, cycling shorts and jersey, helmet, bottle of liquid energy bars

Monthly training plan:

Based on your goals and test results we can prepare monthly training plan and monitor your progress (min. 6 months). Based on your progress and well being plan could be optimized during month period. Be aware that the training plan is “living thing” and not only program on paper. That is why your body does not always react in the same way some minor corrections could be required. It is important to reconcile about your state before corrections are made. After 8 to 10 weeks of training re-testing is needed.

It is possible to make a test on the road and send data on email. All instructions are given via email